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The Southern Zone

Explore Costa Rica’s Untamed Rainforests: A Luxurious Retreat in the Southern Zone.

Costa Rica is renowned for its lush rainforests teeming with exotic plants and wildlife. For nature lovers, it’s a paradise just waiting to be explored. If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica and want to fully immerse yourself in the country’s spectacular natural landscapes, head to the southern zone.

Discover the Southern Zone – Untouched Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s remote southern zone is a well-kept secret, boasting unspoiled rainforests, rugged coastlines, and breathtaking landscapes. It’s a sanctuary where nature thrives in all its wild glory, offering a magical blend of adventure, serenity, and seclusion for those who make the journey.

Corcovado National Park: A Biodiversity Hotspot

The largest tracts of untouched primal rainforest left in Costa Rica can be found along the southern Pacific coast and in the Osa Peninsula. Corcovado National Park shelters some of the country’s most pristine lowland wilderness, including one of the few remaining old-growth Pacific lowland rainforests left in Central America. Miles of hiking trails under dense jungle canopy provide opportunities to spot exotic wildlife like scarlet macaws, tapirs, jaguars and squirrel monkeys.

Trip Planning Tip: For an immersive experience, a guided tours led by expert naturalists is a must – you cannot enter the park without a guide. Contact us for booking your tour. Single day to multiple day excursions are available. Starting at $120USD pp.

Coastline of Southern Costa Rica

A Marine Wonderland: Caño Island

Just off the southern Pacific coast, Caño Island awaits as a protected marine area brimming with biodiversity. This tropical island paradise harbors vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life, making it one of Costa Rica’s top spots for snorkeling and scuba diving adventures.

Caño Island’s reefs are part of the Tropical Eastern Pacific Marine Corridor, one of the most important marine corridors in the world. The warm, nutrient-rich waters surrounding the island provide ideal conditions for coral growth and support a stunning diversity of aquatic species.

On an underwater excursion in the crystalline waters around Caño, you can dive into a living kaleidoscope. Sea turtles, manta rays, and white tip reef sharks may make appearances when conditions are right.

Snorkelers will be amazed by the array of life visible just below the surface. On scuba trips or tank dives, descend deeper to explore underwater caves and rock formations blanketed in coral. Expert dive guides know the best spots to encounter creatures like dolphins, sea horses and humpback whales passing by on their migrations.

Preservation and Conservation: The protection of Caño Island as a marine reserve ensures that its delicate ecosystems remain intact. Responsible tourism practices are in place to minimize the impact of visitors on this precious environment. By exploring Caño Island, you’re contributing to the ongoing conservation efforts that safeguard Costa Rica’s rich marine biodiversity.

Plan Your Visit: To make the most of your Caño Island experience, plan your visit during the dry season (December to April) when the waters are typically calmer and visibility is at its best. It’s advisable to book your snorkeling or diving excursion in advance to secure your spot and ensure a smooth and enjoyable adventure. Contact us to book your tour – Prices start at $120USD pp.

Sea Turtle at Caño Island



Some other well noted and top sights and activities in the southern zone include:

  • Manuel Antonio National Park: one of Costa Rica’s most popular parks, it is small compared to many other national parks. In total, there are about 5 miles (8.3 km) of trails. If you are just looking for an easy walk, you can combine a few of the shorter trails to make a 2- or 3-mile (3-5 km) loop. Opening hours are from 7 am to 4 pm every day of the year except for Tuesdays (closed), including all holidays. The admission fee is $18.08Tickets must be purchased in advance. Manuel Antonio Tickets
  • Chirripó National Park: Challenge yourself climbing Costa Rica’s tallest peak and be rewarded with phenomenal summit views. Open Every day from 8am to 12m. and 1 pm to 4:00 pm. For reservations, it is only open from Monday to Friday at the same schedule
  • Nauyaca Waterfalls: With two sets of falls measuring a combined 61 meters (200 feet) with large natural pools for swimming, the Nauyaca waterfalls are indeed a sight to see. 4 km Walk/Hike: 10$. Shuttle 32$
  • Surfing in Dominical: Ride the waves at one of the country’s most popular surf spots.
  • Whale and dolphin watching: Hop aboard a boat to spot migrating whales and playful dolphins. July – November is the best time to spot the Humbacks that come o warm waters off the costa of Uvita (The Ballena Coast) to have their calves.


Surfing in the Southern Zone


Vayu Retreat Villas: Your Eco-Friendly Oasis

To fully enjoy the wonders of the southern zone, your choice of accommodation is paramount. Vayu Retreat Villas, nestled amidst the rainforest hills near Ojochal, offers an eco-friendly sanctuary for discerning travellers. Our modern and tranquil rooms villas provide an ideal blend of luxury and nature. After travels to Corcovado and Cano Island, a few days of respite are needed – at Vayu we provide a hidden oasis in the middle of the jungle, where comfort and personalized service are paramount.

Trip Planning Tip: Reserve your villa well in advance, and consider personalized concierge services to enhance your stay and create a seamless itinerary.

Website: Vayu Retreat Villas Official Site

Direct Booking (Best Price): Official Booking Site

Serene Suites at Vayu Retreat Villas – Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s southern zone remains one of the country’s last strongholds of pristine wilderness and authentic culture. For travelers seeking to go beyond the beaches and volcanos, it offers a world of discovery and renewal through immersion in one of the planet’s most vibrant ecosystems. Come discover this unspoiled sanctuary, and let its wild essence renew your spirit.

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