Breakfast Menu

From 8 am


Always fresh - prepared with heart. The most important meal of the day, start it off right. (+ $1 for milk alternative option) * Please note that one breakfast item is included in your stay along with either a house signature pour over coffee, tea or natural juice. Any additional options or changes will be added to your bill. Thank you.


Two fluffy waffles with a fresh fruit compote. (Add Nutella &/or Vanilla Ice Cream for 2$)

Home Style Oatmeal

Slow cooked oats with finely ground hemp seeds in milk topped with caramelized cubes of apple in sweet Canadian maple syrup and cinnamonn, topped with raisins and pecans for extra crunch.

Fresh Fruit Bowl

A loaded bowl of fresh local fruits, topped with raisons , slivered almonds, granola and finely ground hemp seeds. Pared with home-made fresh yogurt.

Avo-Power Toast

A thick slice of homemade bread toasted in butter, topped with fresh avocado, tomatoes and a fried egg to order lightly salted. Dressed with green onion, cilantro granulated raw sea salt and drizzled in olive oil and balsamic glaze (Extra egg +$2 or sub for mushrooms for vegan option.)

Bonjour French Toast

A substantial slice of our homemade bread lightly battered and grilled to golden brown, topped with a fresh fruit compote. (Add Nutella &/or Ice Cream for 2$)


Hot Drinks

We source our coffee from the best coffee farms in Costa Rica - carbon neutral and award winning! (+1$ for non dairy option)

Pour – Over Coffee

A unique experience brought right to your table. Indulge in the fresh aroma of Costa Rican coffee.


Espresso with steamed milk

Flat White

Smaller Latte in volume and with thinner foam.

Espresso (single/double)

Fresh ground and roasted from some of Costa Ricas finest coffee farms


Espresso with a roughly equal amount of hot milk


A traditional cappuccino has an even distribution of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk


Espresso with hot water, made famous by Americans in Europe that wanted brewed coffee!


A scoop of vanilla ice cream drowned in a shot of espresso. Perfect any time of the day - especially when its hot!

Tea Latte (Chai / Moringa / London Fog)

Slightly sweet, definitely tasty. (Add 1$ for dairy free)


Ask about our variety of caffeine and herbal teas


A savoury blend of ground toasted corn and cacao, traditional Nicaraguan drink

Hot Nutella

The traditional hazelnut spread made hot and creamy.

Hot Cacao (dark/white)

Elixer of the Gods - creamy and comforting, made from pure organic cocao. (Add 1$ for non dairy)

Fresh Juices

Cold pressed or fresh juices with only fresh local fruits and vegetables.

Natural Juice

Choice of either: Guanabana, Mango, Orange-Carrot, Cas or Maracuyá

Green Dreams

Fresh mix of celery, cucumber, carrot, green apple, ginger and lemon.

Beet of the Drum

Fresh beets, gala apple, carrot, cucumber, lemon and optional ginger &/or tumeric


Red Sabana

Pineapple, cinnamon, banana & coconut milk

Peanut Banana Mama

Peanut butter, banana, maple syrup, oats, vanilla and milk


Avocado, honey and milk

Cinnabon Rock & Roll

Oats, cinnamon, banana, vanilla, maple syrup, and milk


Organic raw cacao, coffee beans, oats, maple syrup, vanilla & milk.

Prices are in usd and do not include 13% vat & 10% service charge

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